VEAVON Robot Vacuum V8 Cleaner Gives Clean Environment Due to its Strong Suction Ability

VEAVON robot vacuum V8 cleaner has made big highlights for a plethora of innovative features it possesses. The robot vacuum has 4000Pa strong suction for carpet and hardwood floor due to which it cleans the home floors in a better way.

VEAVON has established a strong name for itself by selling intelligent home products to its consumers in over 100 countries. The company relies on the use of innovative technologies such as AI technology, visual navigation, sensors technology, and laser navigation to yield high-quality results.

One of the best home products made available by VEAVON is a robot vacuum with a 3.8-inch height that makes it suitable to run under a sofa and bed. This product has got a 14.4V/5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery that allows it to last up to 3 hours.

VEAVON robot vacuum V8 offers LDS smart navigation support room layout and it ensures accurate mapping of building. One can easily control this robot cleaner using a mobile app and it also works with Google as well as Alexa voice control.

The robot vacuum cleaner has got two infrared sensors for anti-collision and 4 anti-drop sensors for avoiding falls. The product is available at an affordable price of $499.99 and it comes with a 1-year warranty for its body parts and 3 months for replacements.

The LIDAR mapping makes it possible for it to work in a streamlined manner without experiencing any trouble. Along with the other components, VEAVON robot vacuum V8 contains a V-roll brush and 2 side brushes that provide the cleaning of the area up to a 93% efficiency rate. And the best part is that it produces very little noise which makes it suitable for home cleaning.


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