Why you choose the VEAVON V8 robot vacuum cleaner?

Why you choose the VEAVON V8 robot vacuum cleaner?

The outer packaging of VEAVON V8 uses environment-friendly carton packaging. In addition to the appearance of the robot vacuum cleaner, the outer packaging is particularly eye-catching, which is a beautiful logo, and looks very fashionable.

Robot vacuum cleaner, like a household appliance product, the design must be another factor we should considering of . From the appearance design of VEAVON V8, the overall appearance is not much different from other robot vacuum cleaners. Its black body looks very simple and atmospheric. However, a closer look at the design of this Robot vacuum cleaner also has its characteristics, such as the color-changing panel and the sensor top cover showing beautiful manufacturing.       

After unpacking, the internal accessories are arranged neatly. In terms of accessories, VEAVON V8 is equipped with a charging stand, a pair of side brushes, filter components, rags and rag holders, power cords, and instructions.

There are two buttons on both sides of the top sensor, the left side is the power switch/start/tentative button, and the right side is the recharge button.

Although it has a full range of sensors, to avoid damage to the machine or objects caused by collisions with other objects during the cleaning process, a flexible collision plate is configured.
The network distribution button, reset button, dust box, and cleaning brush are hidden inside the Robot vacuum cleaner. You can perform related operations by opening the panel of this Robot vacuum cleaner.

I especially show you this cleaning brush. It is easier to store and less likely to be lost when placed on a dust box than alone. The cleaning brush is mainly used to help us clean the dust on the door of the dust box (450ml) and clean the filter components.

The dust box has a built-in filter component, which can effectively prevent bacteria and dust from entering the body.

For meeting everyone's needs for vacuuming, it is also equipped with a 220ml independent water tank, and with the wiper assembly, the ground can be further cleaned to achieve the effect of mopping.

The water outlet interface between the water tank and the body, through which water can be poured into the rag to keep the rag moist.

Next, we look at the bottom structure of VEAVON V8. The overall layout of the bottom universal wheel, charging contact piece, side brush installation, rag installation, a rolling brush, and off-road mountain wheel is very regular. The V-shaped integrated roller brush uses a mixture of multiple brushes, which makes it less likely to jam the hair. The previously used Robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck in the hair without paying attention, which is very annoying.

VEAVON V8 has a built-in 5200mAh lithium battery with a battery life of about 3 hours and can continuously clean 250 square meters, which can meet the current needs of most households. At the same time, it is also equipped with a charging base, which automatically returns to the charging base for charging after cleaning is completed. Of course, we can also achieve recharging through manual buttons or mobile APP.

This V8Robot vacuum cleaner‘s APP and Robot vacuum cleaner can be used for setting map, adjusting suction, water speed etc. on mobile phones.
The interface of the entire mobile phone APP is very simple and intuitive. It can automatically or manually operate the cleaning and suction settings. In the meanwhile, the cleaning situation can also be checked through the mobile APP.

In fact, for the Robot vacuum cleaner, the suction power and the way of cleaning directly determine the level of ground cleanliness. The VEAVON V8 has a strong suction power of 4000Pa, and both dust bunnies and hair can be easily sucked into the dust box. when the V8 runs on the carpet, it will automatically increase the suction to the maximum gear, which is highly smart.

Finally, although some people say that the Robot vacuum cleaner is sometimes a bit not very smart like a real housekeeper, but most of the time it is really can free our hands, clean the whole house with one click, and clean the floor of the whole house and save the big money if we hire a real housekeeper. Why should we refuse to use it?