Process a Warranty

How it works

Welcome to VEAVON's product repair page. If there is a problem with your product, you can contact us by mail, or online communication to quickly help you solve any other problems encountered. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by your purchase of VEAVON.

Please note that this page only supports purchases made through this website or the VEAVON store on Amazon. For purchases made through VEAVON's authorized dealers, please contact them directly.

All products purchased from VEAVON are provided with a worry-free warranty. You can find the exact warranty period of the product on the information in the box. You can also verify the warranty period with our customer service team in the body of the email.

If your product is found to be defective during the warranty period, please contact us through the following methods to let us know that we can help you. Before filing a warranty claim, please "consult us" or view the "User Manual" online, which can save you the first time to solve the problem.

Warranty method

Please provide the following information and send it to email
Subject, purchase channel, product model, order ID, problem description, photo, video

Warranty information tips

Email Subject: Process a Warranty

Purchase channels: VEAVON website/ amazon/ AliExpress
Product model: You can find this number in your account’s order history and the product’s packaging or manual
Order ID: You can find this ID in the order history of the account making the purchase
Problem description: Please describe your product problem as clearly and clearly as possible
Photos: Please provide as many photos as possible to prove the product problem
Video: Please provide videos that prove product problems

Detailed information will enable us to help you solve the problem more quickly; thank you in advance for all the information you provided; we know that your time is very precious.